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My Approach

While I am keen on deep, specific bodywork, and injury rehab, I also love to lean into a gentler approach: Addressing chronic pain with the knowledge of science and teachings of spirituality. Offering tools for individuals to regulate their own nervous system, leading to a more sustained and relaxed baseline. Exploring with the right questions through massage therapy, energy work, and introspection could lead you to major breakthroughs relating to pain, mood instability, anxiety, negative thought patterns, concentration, fatigue, and the general direction in your healing journey. 


"Change your energy, change your life"

Please reach out with any questions!


The massage was extraordinary. I was even surprised to be visited by my spirit guide while she was working on my neck! That has never happened before during a massage. Today is my 40th birthday, and it felt extra special that she came to me today. Thank you again! So far no headaches today! A miracle!

- Jordan S.

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